Class Descriptions

Cindy Espinoza Thornburgh
“Standing Poses and Twists the Iyengar Way”  9:00 am Tent 1
Standing poses energize and strengthen the body, addressing spinal posture as well as hamstring and hip flexibility. Lengthening the spine prior to twisting creates space and allows for more mobility in the upper spine, shoulders and neck. In this class, all poses may be modified, as no two bodies are alike. Come get a great uplifting start to your day!

Denise Springer
All Levels Class 10:30 in Tent 1
If you’re an experienced yogi, come and be challenged. If you’re new to yoga, come with confidence, because flexibility and strength are built, not required. Modifications and intensification’s let you match your practice to your mood.

Ted Cox
“Unseen Power” 1:00 pm in Tent 1
Discover the hidden power of your Asana practice by bringing more awareness to the unseen body.

Samantha Butler and Jeremy Troy
“Zendo Yoga” 2:30 pm in Tent 1
Zendo Yoga blends classical asana, pranayama and meditation in a joyful and meditative environment, suitable for all levels to share together.

Hialee Howard and Lisa Laughlin
“All Levels Flow with the Yoga Box” 4:00 pm in Tent 1
The pace in this fluid, powerful class links movement and breath together to detoxify and exhilarate the body and mind. With an emphasis on movement, balance, and intention, this class is great for all levels of experience. More complex poses may be introduced for advancedstudents; however, your instructor will give you options and modifications to practice at your own level.

Gwen “Ranbir” Ingram
“Stress Set for Adrenals and Kidneys” 9 am in Tent 2
In this class, we address the adrenals with movement and pranayama. We ask ourselves, do we have a reserve capacity to get to our destination despite adversity? We can have everything working for us but if our adrenals fail we can’t keep up. We get tired and snappy. Glandular balance and strong adrenals give us that extra edge to control anger, hypoglycemia, and enjoy our life.

Dr Amitabh Gumman
10:30 am in Tent 2
Details coming soon!

Rachel Mor
“Kundalini Recipe for Healing” 1:00 pm in Tent 2
This class will include deep movement (but not exhausting!) and breath to nourish our organs and  glands, and link our bodies with our brains. We will chant a little and hold hand mudras to feel more alive and at peace.

Kat Dinh
“Ayurveda for Autumn” 2:30 pm in Tent 2
An introduction to Ayurveda, self-care, food and breathing practices to support whole body wellness for the transition into Autumn.

Dee Mathis and Rachel Yates
“Restorative Yoga” 4 pm in Tent 2
Join Dee Mathis and Rachel Yates for a relaxing and restoring yoga class.Restorative yoga poses are supported by props that allow you to deeply rest and reset.This class will feature meditation, pranayama breathing techniques, and sound therapy with the didgeridoo and crystal bowl to calm body and mind. Learn to connect to your inner calm and release tension or stress from a busy lifestyle.